We’re trying to open a bigger pipe between creators and distributors.

  • Creators: upload and promote all your finished writing projects, pitches and proposals. Your work remains private except for the publishing and entertainment industry decision-makers who have access to the search tools.
  • Everything is welcome: Traditional, unpublished, prepublished, spec, self, vanity, garage… because great ideas often come from the oddest places.
  • Industry: the search tools have simple, one-click abilities to focus on any aspect of the project expo, from genre to publishing history to length and more. Bookmark your Wishlist — see the latest ideas in real time.

How the Project Listings Appear keyboard_arrow_right

Great tools cut right through the clutter.

  • A project may have been queried or pitched a hundred times, but did it get read?
  • Did the writer miss someone great who might stumble on it here? Or get missed in an overflowing inbox and be found here?
  • The query and proposal process is a time-suck for everyone who touches every piece of it.
  • LeCarta enables everyone involved to cast a wide net, with no risks, and get back to doing the work.

How Industry People Scan Through Projects keyboard_arrow_right

Built from the ground up with one thought in mind: “What does any of us have to lose?”

  • Decision-makers are able to scan hundreds of projects and request more information from any they like. They gain back time.
  • Writers and illustrators gain back time as their work is being pitched even when they’re not grinding out the self-promotion.
  • Creators may also use links to their open LeCarta pitches as they want.
  • No industry changes overnight — but be honest — nothing has gotten easier over the last couple decades for any of us.

In just the next few minutes you may:

Put your work on a thousand screens instead of just the one target you’re writing to right now…
…Or read a dozen pitches you might actually want, rather than the splatter that fills your inbox.

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