Agents, Filmakers, Publishers: Get Access to Writers’ Project Expo

    Publishing and agency company email addresses will be granted access immediately. For something else, just let us know who you are.

    You work in publishing, television or the film industry. You have questions.

    We’ll try to be brief and accurate.

    What is this?
    It’s a bigger, faster pipeline between writers & creators and agents, publishers & film industry personnel.

    The creators list all their “market-ready” projects. You search, scan, limit, compare and browse them like you’re shopping for just the right item.

    → Instead of compiling a wishlist, just save a bookmark that gives you live search results for your needs. 

    Why try this when my inbox is never lonely?
    Bottom line, good writers are often lousy salespeople. Under that clumsy introduction may be a sellable product, but some of them just don’t have the skills to communicate that yet. This cuts right through the static.

    What’s my exposure?
    You’re anonymous. You can browse all the work they’re doing. There’s a story in how good writers evolve. You’ll see that in their portfolio.

    What do I have to lose by trying it?
    Nothing we can think of.

    What do I have to gain?
    Hopefully, time. Or an outlier project you already have a target for. Or a valuable client who is a lot more than their clumsy query or pitch.

    Are there limits?
    Being open or closed to queries or not taking unsolicited pitches is irrelevant. Use it when and as you want.

    And if you want to venture out into Bohemian Macrame Mysteries or Genetic Atrocity Dinosaurs That Escape IPs for a while – run the search, see if there’s a match.

    Do I have to furnish an online bio or cringy paragraph about my particular content quest?
    Not an option. There isn’t a place for one. No one is going to get your email or identity here. Again, you are anonymous.

    Why is this resource available? What other strengths does it provide?
    A really weird Mission Statement is here >

    How does it work?
    Use the form above to email us for access. Here’s a sample search tool to see how you’ll narrow it down to what might be of interest:

    Sample Search Page, How Industry Researches Projects keyboard_arrow_right

    Then, if you like something, just contact the creator and ask what you want to ask.