LeCarta Launch Release

November 29, 2023


LeCarta.com, an innovative new platform for finding writers publishing and film deals, has announced the launch of new tools designed to transform the way writers connect with agents, editors, publishers, and filmmakers. This resource eliminates the traditional query process and speeds up the submission timeline, providing both writers and decision-makers with valuable access to opportunities they might not have otherwise encountered.

With the new tools, writers can now submit their creative projects directly to a private catalog on LeCarta.com, making them available to agents, editors, publishers, and filmmakers year-round. This mitigates the need for writers to spend countless hours researching and querying targets, and then waiting for possible responses. It gives them the opportunity to showcase their work to a wider audience, increasing their chances of getting noticed and signed.

The new tools also benefit professionals in the industry, as they can now easily browse through a diverse range of creative projects and discover new talent. This not only saves them time and resources, but also provides access to a pool of intellectual properties they would not have found through traditional means. They are no longer limited to the lane provided by their inbox, but may expand their list with just a simple search.

Key features:

  • Writers build a private online portfolio available 24-7 to those looking for creative projects across all media endeavors.
  • The vetted industry agents, filmmakers and publishers remain anonymous.
  • No queries, pitches, online bios or time-intensive efforts required on either side.

“We’re proud to launch these new tools that could transform creative relationships,” said Gard Skinner, developer of LeCarta.com. “Our goal is to provide a platform that not only benefits writers, but also empowers the print and screen industries to discover new and diverse voices. We believe this will improve the intellectual property submission process, making it much faster and better targeted. This leads to better opportunities for writers to get their IP published and produced. With a little work and a little brainpower, maybe we can evolve the game and create a more inclusive process for all.”

For more information, visit https://lecarta.com.

email: Gard Skinner
Text: (970) 316-3146