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Writers’ Pain Points

  • Query & pitch process, declining response rates, self publishing quagmire/isolation
  • Time to response, or no response
  • Rejection sting
  • “No simultaneous submissions” leads to super narrow target lists
  • Little awareness of full playing field
  • Poor sales skills
  • Disparate pace of traditional industry with creative output

Print/film Pain Points

  • Sheer mass of submissions eats time
  • Thousands of those subs do not fit list
  • Full/partial/pages requests create backlog
  • Constant re-subs of passed/old/stale IP
  • Weeding out unready creators/projects
  • Want to branch out, open to new genres, no easy path
  • Limited to the lane provided by their inbox
  • What else do you have? (of value)” question hard to nail down

How LeCarta is designed to help:

  • Build live digital catalog of available book/screen projects & portfolios
  • No clumsy queries or pitches, ie, no rejection, 24-7 submissions
  • Agents et al. get state-of-art search-filter tools, can bookmark “wishlists”
  • Agents et al. remain anonymous until contact
  • Writers cast widest possible net in their genre across both print & film
  • Agents et al. access a conveyor belt of latest & variety of IP

Where is the story?​

  • Can proven screenwriter submission tools migrate to entire industry?
  • With agency response rates always dropping, can writers expand opportunity channels?
  • Great IP slips through cracks daily = money left off a lot of tables
  • Why hasn’t a “writer portfolio” resource gained traction as it has in the visual arts community?
  • Serious writers swamped by AI and unserious players
  • A “match dot com” for good work

Story Resources – Follow the adventure…

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