What we love in our books are the depths of many marvelous moments seen all at once.
Kurt Vonnegut
Slaughterhouse Five

You are a writer.
Over the years, you’ve had more than one cool idea.

Give them all a chance. Put the right eyes on them…

No queries. No numbing research. No waiting months for no response.

What is this?
It’s a private pipeline between writers & creators and agents, publishers, & film industry personnel.

→ You may list all your writing projects in your portfolio, not just the one you’re querying or pitching now.

You will not be writing individual queries or tracking submissions. Your work and ideas will speak for themselves.

And they scan and consider them without all the time-consuming parts of the process that often bog us all down.

How Your Book or Project Listing Will Look to Decision Makers keyboard_arrow_right

I crave detailed instructions on HOW TO BUILD A PROJECT LISTING.
All of your questions about the tools are answered in the demo listings, just read each box >

Who sees my projects and portfolio?
Agents, publishers, literary managers, filmmakers, production companies… there is a huge list of decision-makers we’re tapping into. It costs them nothing to scan your work to see what they might have missed. 

→ Other writers and the public are not looking through your work.

Why can’t I see the real projects expo or other portfolios?
That work belongs to the creators, just as your work belongs to you. 

This is a place for you to pitch and sell your work to resources you might not otherwise bump into or be aware of.

Sample Expo Page, How Industry Researches Projects keyboard_arrow_right

→ Will I be hit up for editing services or other paid garbage?
No. Vanity presses or pay-to-play “publishers” and “filmmakers” are not welcome here.

What do I have to lose by trying it?
Nothing we can think of (OK maybe a third of a cup of coffee). You keep all your work, control your project listings, and we stay out of the way.

What do I have to gain?
Hopefully, time + new contacts. Your work hasn’t got a chance sitting in a drawer or desktop folder.

Nerds dig the project stats

What kinds of projects may I list?
Anything you want to pitch other than AI-generated material or adult content.

How about Self-Published?
Yes, absolutely, many of them go on to new adventures just like all creative projects. Be specific, cite numbers, include quotes and artwork.

How about Spec?
Yes, absolutely, many of them also go on to new adventures just like all creative projects. Be specific, cite numbers, include quotes and artwork.

How about Unfinished?
How about waiting on those until you’re ready to put them in front of a publisher? You don’t want a rep as a half-a**er.

How private is my work?
You will set each project to PRIVATE or OPEN. 

  • Private may only be viewed by agents, filmmakers, publishers and those we have individually vetted as part of the industry. 
  • Open may also be seen by other writers IF they have a direct link to it (which you can share for feedback or writing groups or even promotion — that’s up to you.) The un-logged in public cannot see anything.
You can’t win if you don’t play…

The question… is writing one email at a time — and waiting months for a possible response — really playing? 

How about adding a few more tools to the toolbox?
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Or check our our weird Mission Statement here >